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Paris Beauvais

Beauvais Airport is located 85 km north of Paris city centre. Ryanair has regular flights between Girona Airport and Beauvais Airport.


Ryanair offers three flights per day between Girona Airport and Paris Beauvais, which gives you plenty of choice. There is a shuttle service from Beauvais Airport that operates three times per day. There is also a 75-minute private coach that goes to the city centre.


Although Ryanair offers cheap and frequent flights, it charges high rates for checking in luggage and for extra luggage. Beauvais Airport is small, so it has a very limited number of services. The transport from Beauvais is  expensive and limited. The shuttle service does not run 24 hours, so if your flight is delayed you will find it difficult to reach your final destination. The last flight of the day to Girona Airport arrives at 11.35, so you may find it hard to find public transport still operating after this time. Please see our Transport section for more details on transport options and timetables.

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The Barcelona Girona Aiport GRO web guide.
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