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Andorra is one hour and a half from Girona airport, a perfect destination for sky during winter.

Some of the best ski resorts in this country are Baqueira Beret Ski resort, Soldeu de Tarter in the Canillo Vay, Vall nord, which consists on two different resorts of pal Arnisal and Ordino Arcal├şs.

There are different ways to get to Andorra from Girona airport.

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in need of help
24 Dec 2010 User
so i want to get live in Andorra. but the thing is i cant get there being noticed. its nothing that has to do with crime or anything like this. but me and my fiance want to run away together to live a life with just us and we dont want to be traced here. any ideas?
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The Barcelona Girona Aiport GRO web guide.
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