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Goldcar Europa

+34 972 474 649

Goldcar is a fairly small Car Rental company, operating solely in Spain\'s coastal regions. They have an office at Girona Airport\'s Arrivals Terminal, which is open every day from 7am to 12 midnight. You have the option of making a one way or round trip. However they do not have any offices in Barcelona. They have a wide range of vehicles on offer, from economy to family cars to luxury convertibles.

General information and reservations: +34 902 11 97 26 or +34 965 94 31 86.

Comments about Goldcar Europa

26 Jul 2016 User
Without doubt the worst rental company ever!! Avoid them even if the is no other option. Walking would be better
GOLDCAR is a shame for Spain
27 Jul 2014 Roni
How can a country like Spain let them keep stealing from tourists ? So many complainants about Goldcar in the internet . I am also a victim of GoldCar .
10 Dec 2013 User
They also operate in Madeira Same Scam as above Buyer Beware
Fuel Scam
11 Sep 2013 User
I collected car from Goldcar at Girona Airport in Aug 2011 . it was late and dark by the time I got on AP7 I realised tank was M/T. I called Goldcar the next morning, I took precaution of photgraphing fuelgauge and mileometer, it clearly indicated that the tank was M/T with only 42 km accrued from collection I challenged Goldcar they refused to accept my evidence I consulted a Spanish lawyer who advised that it would cost more to recover the fuel costs, but in future to check car,tank.mileometer and paperwork at all times. I have used goldcar subsequently not by choice but via Rentalcars, I've had no further problems and the cars are always new and in excellent condition and full. when collecting I have been told if using a visa card I am obliged to take out the extra insurance 'relax'. I have also had anecdotal evidence that if you fail to take out the extra insurance you often find yourself faced with 'damage' disputes and costs.
GOLDCAR is a SCAM! Stay away!
11 Aug 2013 NNJJLL
I found on the Internet several forums and statements from more than 3.000 people that were robbed by Spanish car rental company GOLDCAR. Unfortunately not in time, as I recently got robbed too. Operating within EU laws, I would claim that GOLDCAR’s business model is illegal. Hopefully someone one day stops them from ruining people’s vacations. I hired a car from GOLDCAR in Lisbon airport, using CarTrawler – all basic insurances included. When picking up the key’s at GOLDCAR’s new counter in Lisbon airport, the GOLDCAR lady tried very hard, to sell me additional insurances. I’m used to this, knowing it’s a part of their commission model, so I refused. Never the less, the GOLDCAR lady continued to repeat, that she recommended an additional insurance, and after answering “no thanks” seven (7) times, she told me that this was a “big mistake”, and that I for sure would “regret the decision”. She even told it in a very odd and rude way that made me feel quite uncomfortable. Working with business and sales development myself, I’m normally quite tolerant in cases where sales people get commission on their sales, but this was too much. Now, after some days in Portugal, I returned the car as picked up (with some big scratches around, that I fortunately got marked during pickup). The guy at GOLDCAR drop point checked the car, didn’t find anything that wasn’t already marked, and then asked for my copy of the papers. After a few minutes he returned, went to the very dirty wind screen, wiped the dirt away on a 10 cm area in upper left corner of the wind screen and pointed out a microscopic, 0.5 by 0.5 mm tiny white dot placed at the edge of the wind screen. It was so tiny, that if you didn’t know it was there, you would never see it – even standing right in front of the screen with total clean windows. I immediately felt the “setup”. Why would he suddenly come back and wipe the dust of in a 10 cm area, and point out something that you would never see, if you didn’t know it was already there? I immediately claimed that this small white dot never could be categorized as damage, and that it probably already was there at pickup. I mean, we are not talking about one of those 1 – 2 mm small craters caused thrown-up pebbles. We are talking about a tiny white dot, smaller than a single, white sugar particle, and only in the absolute top surface of the glass. But no, GOLDCAR demanded 400 Euro for a new wind screen. They claimed that they needed to change it for “security reasons”, and I was shocked. I felt this as a really unethical way of doing business. In pure anger, I went over to the cleaned, “pickup ready” cars from GOLDCAR, and documented with my camera, that 7 out of 21 cars (30%) had even bigger “cosmetic” dots on their wind screens. How could they send all these car’s on the street, if a tiny, tiny white dot, at the very edge of the wind screen far from drivers side, made up such a big security issue, that the wind screen needed to be changed? It’s probably needless to say, that my arguing didn’t last at all. Despite my protest, GOLDCAR kept 400 Euro of my deposit, and we all know that this wind screen won’t be changed, and we also know, that the next customer won’t see the small white dot before it might be pointed out by a GOLDCAR employee when returning the car. Being very cheap on the search engines and then robbing people afterwards seems to be their business model. Shame on you GOLDCAR!
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