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Flyglobespan flies between Girona airport and Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Flyglobespan is the company to fly with if you´re travelling between Girona Airport and Scotland, as they have regular flights to and from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Flyglobespan is another UK based budget airline. The prices are very reasonable, and it has had good reviews for its short-haul flights like the ones flying from Girona Airport to Scotland. They do not charge much for baggage and they have a limit of 20kg. There is no limit on hand baggage. The prices on their website include tax, and they offer extra optional services when you book online, such as hotel bookings and airport transfers.


As with other budget airlines, Flyglobespan has unfortunately had reports of bad delays and poor service. They provide food vouchers and accommodation if they are substantially delayed, but the compensation is often reported as insufficient.

Extra charges

Flyglobespan\'s extra fees are fairly reasonable compared to other budget airlines such as Ryanair. They do not charge for reserving seats, not even if you reserve one with extra leg room. You can carry up to 20kg in hand luggage provide it fits in the overhead lockers. They charge 7.10 eur (5 pounds) for every bag checked in and 13 eur (10 pounds) if you dont pre-book. Excess baggage costs 7 euros (10 pounds) for every kilo over the 20kg limit.  Every piece of sports equipment or musical instrument must be pre-booked, and costs 25 euros (15 pounds). Disabled passengers must alert the airline by phone.

If you change your booking, there is a flat fee of 25 pounds plus the difference in price of the new flight you choose. It will cost 20 pounds to change the passenger name online, and 25 by phone.  
Please note that children under 16 can not fly without an accompanying adult passenger. Wheelchair users must book their flights by phone only.

Comments about Flyglobespan

Update Required
17 Feb 2016 Billy boy in the Frew
Flyglobespan went down the pan years ago.
airline gone bust
17 Dec 2009 User
Globespan has today (17-12-2009) been placed in administration under the control of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC).
Hand luggage
1 Oct 2009 Robert Solway
correction to the statement They do not charge much for baggage and they have a limit of 20kg. There is no limit on hand baggage. The 20kg limit includes hand baggage when it suits Flyglobespan. I.E. on recent holiday to Gran Canaria from Glasgow Return leg check in took over 90 minutes due to the hand luggage being wieghed and then charged for accordingly the charge was also not as stated. Excess baggage costs 7 euros (10 pounds) for every kilo over the 20kg limit. but 12 euro's per Kilo. almost ok if they actually manage to put your luggage on the flight
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