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Flight Destinations

This airport has added more and more flights in the last few years, and flies to many destinations across Europe. A total of eleven airlines are now based at this arport. The main airline is Ryanair, which flies to a total of 55 destinations across Europe. 

This section will tell you all you need to know about all the different airlines operating at the Airport, and all of the destinations they fly to. Each page includes details of the airline\'s check-in times, destinations, terms and conditions and extra charges, as well as up-to-date reviews on their services. You will also find useful contact numbers, website and email addresses for each airline should you wish to make a booking or find out more information.

Flight Destinations



Comments about Flight Destinations

greedy ryanair
9 Mar 2013 User
don't blame the government, blame the greedy wee irishman. i love the costa brava
Too late for a rethink?
22 Jan 2013 User
Who turned the lights off? Even the Chinese have pulled out of Sta Margarida! Where there were shops and resturants now there are steel shutters and grafiti but then Govt employees don't see that do they. They should visit my son - he's easy to find.The only occupier in a six story block. Saddened
tossa de mar - no more
19 Jan 2012 User
did wonder where all the flights had gone and tried to book our usual trip of 12 people going to Tossa only to find they don't fly from east midlands any more and now I'm told I have to go to Birmingham and this is the last year they are flying from Birmingham then it's all over..been going for years to Tossa now I've got to find another resort to go to NOT HAPPY.Going to Italy with the crowd now.What a waste Loved Tossa
Financial ruin - tossa de Mar
17 Jan 2012 User
I just fear for resorts such as Tossa De Mar.Just how many people flew in to Girona and filled the hotels bars and restaurants of Tossa and somehow I can't see anybody wanting to travel the one and a half hours extra from Barcelona and cover the extra cost of taxi fares.I just can't imagine the jobs that will be lost.I don't think I can think of another worst decision by a government that has money coming in from all over Europe and then says it likes poverty instead..
31 Oct 2011 Christophe
Have you seen the new summer schedules. Ryanair flights have resumed from a number of UK airports. Great news all round. Frankly though Barcelona el prat is only an hour and bit away so the disagreement with Ryanair was never enough to make me think of selling my house in this lovely part of the world.
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